CrackerJack: A diamond ring in every box

In checking out the Boston Fashion Week site, I learned that $350 will buy what’s called “VIP seating,” which “includes a Red Sox Wife at your table”.

My first reaction to this was something like “pfft, what a stupid incentive gimmick. Why would anyone want to sit with a woman who’s probably fairly hot but still not as hot as she’d like to be and who’s almost definitely pissed off that she’s sitting alone at a table of strangers because her husband couldn’t be bothered and/or fetches too higher a price?”

…but then I did some Googling of Red AND Sox AND Wives, and I came upon a site comparing the Sox’ wives-and-girlfriends (WAGs) to those of the Yanks, and it was kind of interesting and also informative as to the WAGs’ respective pet philanthropies, and now I feel bad for pfft-ing the VIP seating notion.

A couple of other reactions to the site, which is a tad outdated but still worth a look if you’re really scraping the bottom of the procrastination barrel:

- Laura Posada is clearly the hottest of the women featured, but – based on pictures alone – I can tell that Juliana Ramirez is far more my kind of woman. Why do all the good ones live in California??

- It seems like just yesterday that my cousins were all “omigosh we knew Enza in high school and now she’s going out with Ben Affleck“…and now all of a sudden I’m reading that Enza Sambataro is, like, the J.Lo of MLB WAGs (by which I mean she’s a little nuptial-happy, not that she dances and acts and sings and has her own clothing line and perfume)??

- They pretty much all look like women I’d rather not tangle with*, but no one’s projected ass-kickin’ability comes close to that of the long-gone but still formidable Lisa Kapler.

*with the exception of Erica Ellyson. I’m preeetty sure I could take her.


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  1. Hockey Bunny says:

    Lisa Kapler WILL actually kick your ass. Seriously. Shonda Schilling would probably just shiv you.

  2. Hockey Bunny says:

    Also, I was with Michelle Damon at the event that picture was taken on. I complimented her skirt. What you can’t see in the picture, is that skirt was approximately 4.5 inches long.

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